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We are very happy to have joined forces with Tanknet by Acrolon. We now offer a complete line of Tanknet control system.

Ready to Network when you are.

The PL-1 is an economical, easy-to-use wire-less tank thermostat specifically designed for use in wineries and breweries. Housed in a durable water-tight enclosure, the PL-1 offers stand-alone temperature control and the industry’s easiest networking for mobile access, control, fermentation tracking and alarm notifications.

Networking PL-1 thermostats requires NO NEW WIRES at the tank. Instead, this innovative controller uses advanced power line signaling technology to reliably and securely communicate over existing electrical wires in the cellar.

By eliminating network cabling at the tank, the PL-1 dramatically reduces installation costs and enables wineries and breweries alike to easily network their controls to TankNET® fermentation management software.

Call your local dealer today or visit us on the web to learn how TankNET® and the PL-1 can help you better manage fermentations.