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Winery maintenance done ‘Texas style’



We are here in Texas with you. Based in Fort Worth Texas. We can be on your site in hours. When your systems are down time is critical. We offer 24/7  emergency call out repairs. When you have problems we are there for you.

We can setup a complete maintenance schedule to prevent some of those emergency break down. We will do an onsite inspection and recommend a service schedule based on the manufactures recommendations and your needs. We can schedule the preventive maintenance before that critical time.

We are authorized service providers on G & D Chillers, Coldshot Chillers, Pro-Chillers and Tanknet systems by Acrolon. No matter what your maintenance needs are we can handle them. With over 40 years of chiller experience. From small wineries to large we are there for you. We can sell and insall complete controller sytems for your winery. The complete line of Tanknet systems by Acrolon are available through us. We can talk to you about your system and match the system to your needs.

We understand the Texas summer heat and how important it is that your chiller is running properly when the grapes are fermenting. We are here for you no matter what time of the day or what day of the week it is. We aren’t having to fly in. We are only hours from any where in Texas.

We are a member of the Texas Wine  & Grape growers Association just like you are. We are here to support you.

We are a Texas certified ‘HUB.’ A woman owned business. We support local business and are proud to support Texas wines. We give you the down home type of service that only can come from local people helping local people. Texas Winery Maintenance.com

Contact us at (877) 457-6246 877 HJS MAIN or (817) 201-7542. (cell)